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Eating in Ecuador

Making good food requires both time and good ingredients.   In Ecuador, good ingredients come from healthy, sustainable farming practices that are the norm here.  Animals are raised in small, family farms where the animals enjoy a good life (except for one bad day).  Free range chickens, pigs, cows are raised the old fashioned way.   Vegetables, rice and potatoes are grown by hand and in many cases without the use of heavy farm macninery.  Time and care are taken at every step in the process.

Cooking good food takes time as well.  In Ecuador, preparing good food is time-intensive.  A typical Ecuadorian meal involves soup or stews to start.  Making good, nutritional soup takes time to bring out the flavors and nutrition in every spoonful. Juices are always made fresh - not from frozen or concentrates.  It means you are getting the full nutrition in every meal  and that helps you be ready for a full day of motorcycle riding!

If you like coffee or chocolate, Ecuador is the place for you! For centuries, Ecuador has been sending its raw cacao and coffee beans to the best chocolatiers and torefactors in Switzerland, Italy, France and Belgium. Recently, however, the Ecuadorians have copied the Europeans and "cut out the middle man" to make their own chocolates and roast their own coffee. The result? Fresh coffee and chocolate better than you have ever experienced in your life!

You can visit some of Ecuador best producers and growers of cacao beans and coffee plantations and enjoy the taste of coffee and chocolate in its purest state.





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