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We are grateful for our strategic partners who help us to achieve our high level of customer satisfaction:



We ise AltRider motorcycle luggage to make sure our customers' stuff stays dry and firmly attached to their motorcycle.  Their gear is designed for true dual-sport adventure tiding.  We've tried other gear from other manufacturers and they all have disappointed us because they just don't hold up, start leaking and just don't last.   AltRider's gear has proven to be the best, most durable stuff we have found on the market.   Their saddlebags and tank bags are designed to be easy to install, and unload each day.  Their dry bags really do keep stuff dry and they have the perfect amount of carrying capacity.   


Adventure Travel Trade Association

Adventure Travel Trade Association.

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental is proud to be an active member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).   We are the only motorcycle rental and tour operation to be a member of this prestigious organization.

) physical activity, 2) a connection to nature and the environment and 3) an immersive cultural
experience. As tourism is one of the largest employers on the planet, it has a major impact on
peoples’ economic well-being and the planet’s health. Futhermore, adventure tourism is inextricably
dependant on human- and nature-capital; protection and promotion of these resources is key.
The ATTA serves as a community that supports and engenders these efforts. While we believe that
no organization is perfect in its actions regarding responsibility and sustainability, we affirm that it
should be the intent of every organization to move towards such goals. Thus, the ATTA declares its
affirmation and support of the following key issues:

Adventure motorcycle travel is about (1) physical activity, 2) a connection to nature and the environment and 3) an immersive cultural experience. As tourism is one of the largest employers on the planet, it has a major impact on peoples’ economic well-being and the planet’s health. Futhermore, adventure tourism is inextricably dependant on human- and nature-capital; protection and promotion of these resources is key. The ATTA serves as a community that supports and engenders these efforts. 



Doubletake Mirror

Even just a stupid drop of a bike at a standstill can do some expensive damage, especially when the motorcycle had its standard OEM mirrors on them. Mirrors are the most common damaged item on motorcycles and we really hate having to charge people for damage to our bikes.  It is the least fun part of our job.  So we installed the Doubletake mirrors, which are virtually unbreakable rear-view mirrors.  This has cut down on the need for us to replace mirrors and our customers are happy because they have less risk of costly damage to our bikes.  Everyone is happy!



Mosko Moto

Mosko Moto makes the kind of saddlebags and panniers that seem to be designed with Ecuador in mind.   They are rugged, securely waterproof  and easy to use.   We are very happy to equip our bikes with both the Reckless saddlebags and Backcountry panniers.  We find that they are much nore resistant to falls, and our customers are happy when they don't have to pay for damage that come from falls with traditional hard luggage.   We are thrilled with  Mosko Motos products and superior customer service.




Twisted Throttle.

Twisted Throttle helps us get our bikes ready for adventure.  They provide us with the key accessories that make our bikes durable, comfortable and protect our customers from creating costly damage to the bikes.  Thanks to our partnership with Twisted Throttle, we are able to outfit our bikes with high quality crash guards, hand protectors, waterproof luggage systems and other accessories to make our bikes funner, safer and ready for adventure! Their selection of products is excellent and their customer service is tthe best in the industry.  We really enjoy working with these guys!



We've gone through a lot of riding gear over the years.  That is, until we started wearing Klim.  Klim makes riding gear that lasts and meets the challenges faced by adventure riders. Ecuador has a huge variety of climates, altitudes and road conditions.  No place will put your riding gear to the test better than Ecuador.  Klim has gear that has the correct rain protection, ventilation and durability that makes it ideal for riding this motorcycling paradise.  And,  that is why we have partnered with Klim to give our tour customers a 25% discount on any gear from Klim.   When you sign up for a tour (guided or self-guided) we'll provide you with a discount on any order from their store.   www.klim.com



We use UClear HBC200 Helmet-to-Helmet communicators to improve the fun and safety of our guided tours.  After careful testing of several brands of helmet communication systems, we chose to outfit all of our guided tours with UClear.  The system is based on technoloigy developed for military applications where noise reduction is critical.  These units are absolutely the best at providing clear communications in a big group of riders.   Their "Multi-Hop" technology means we can all hear eachother even in the twisty, curvy roads high in the Andes.  And unlike other communicators that have stupid boom microphones, UClear has a boom-less solution, which means we can install and un-intall the units very quickly and without damaging the helmets.  The helmet communicators allows our guides to point out interesting points of interest, announce upcoming turns, and alert riders to upcoming road hazards.   It makes riding more fun as we can talk, joke and laugh together as we enjoy some of the world's most amazing motorcycle roads.  We also provide these units for sale and for rent, and to use on self-guided tours.  For our press release about our partnership with UClear, please click this.




Continental Tires and TEDASA

We rely on Continental and their Ecuadorian importer / representative TEDASA to provide us with high quality, long lasting tires that keep our customers firmly in the ground.  With such a wide variety of terrains, temperatures and weather conditions in this megadiverse country, our selection of Continental tires is extremely important.  We use Continental's dual-sport tires on all of our bikes, such as the TKC80, ContiEscape and ContiTrailAttack 2 models.  TEDASA provides us with excellent customer service and support.


EBC Brakes.

35 years as world market leader makes EBC the perfect choice in replacement brakes for our Motorcycles.  The safety and reliability of these brakes are the best in the market.. They provide reliable braking in any of the climates, temperatures, altitudes and road conditions that you find in Ecuador.   The support we get from our EBC Brakes representative, Esteban Malobravo is above and beyond the expected.  He provides us with a stock of brake pads which we replace at intervals that exceed all manufacturers' recommendations.  The safety of our customers comes first.



Maxima Lubricants and ride Ecuador

We manage a large fleet of dual-sport motorcycles which face some of the most demanding conditions in the world.  Our bikes experience some of the most challenging and deemading riders in the world.  Riding in Ecuador often means high temperatures along the coast, near freezing in the high altitudes and constantly changing on- and off-road environments.  We need high-quality lubricants to keep our bikes running perfectly in order to meet our customers' expectations.  Maxima Lubricants help us do just that.   We use their products to provide engine and drive-train (chain) lubrication as well as to clean and maintain our oil-filter for on- and off- road applications.  Ride Ecuador is the principle importer of Maxima products and they provide us with great customer service, quick deliveries and experienced support and technical advice to maintain our bikes.

Image of VideoTov Video Editing Service



You're going to go on the ride of your life.  Be sure to capture lots of photos and videos.  When you get home, upload the raw video and photos to Videotov and select your favorite music.  They'll edit into an amazing looking video that your friends will actually watch!  We include this service on many of our guided tours and we provide our customers with a post-irde special offer for this amazing service.  www.videotov.com