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Offroad Pacific Discovery PDF Print E-mail


Offroad Pacific Discovery

A 7-day adventure in a land of waterfalls, enchanted forests and sandy beaches


Distance: 1,229 kilometers / 764 miles  60% unpaved road / 40% paved road

Time Needed: 7  days / 6 nights  

Climates:  Cloudforest, Tropical Rainforest, Tropical Grasslands, Paramo,  Dry Forest

Highest Elevation: 3,364 meters | 11,037 feet

Lowest Elevation: 0 ft /m - sea level

Elevation Gain / Loss: 12,187 meters | 39,984 feet

Availability:  All year long!



This off-road adventure tour will be the most memorable ride to the beach you will ever have.  The route brings you through several wildlife refuges and protected forests, to sparkling waterfalls and to the small fishing villages and sandy beaches of Ecuador's enamoring coastline.  This is an opportunity to experience several different cultures, varied ways of life and distinctive cuisines .  The tour goes through some of the most bio-diverse regions in the world and parts of rural Ecuador that few visitors get to see.  Lodging is in top-notch, exclusive lodges and hotels that are truly off the beaten path.

As with all of our tours, we believe Ecuador is best unlocked through its people.  We'll meet people from many walks of life from farmers to fishermen to archeologists.  Our resident guides will show you their secret places along this route and introduce you to friends we have along the way.  Off-bike activities include a visit to the Tulipe archeological site, a visit to a palm tree farm and processor,  the Inti-ñan Solar Museum, and a surfing lesson. The tour packs a lot into a very exciting week to create memories that will last for a lifetime.  



Day 1
Quito - Inti'ñan - Nono - Mindo

Distance Covered:  114 km / 71 miles

You'll begin this 7 day/ 6 night adventure  from our shop in Quito, Ecuador. In 1978, Quito became the first place on the planet to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for having the best-preserved historic center in all of Latin America. Quito is high on the Antiplano Plateau (the second highest in the world) in the Andes at 9,350 feet.  We suggest that you arrive a day or two early to experience our magnificent capital city while getting acclimated to high altitude before beginning the tour.on_the_road_to_mindo

equator_lineDuring the first morning of the tour you’ll be outfitted with the motorcycle of your choice and given a thorough orientation answering all questions concerning local customs, rules of the road, riding signals, Ecuadorian driver courtesies, and more. The first day’s ride purposefully includes a sampling of the different types of roads that will be ridden.  You will be shown how to operate your pre-programmed GPS unit with daily routes and be given a "Road Book" with details and points of interest for each day.  You will also be provided an "emergency kit" containing a pre-paid cell phone, first aid kit, tools and other items to ensure your ride goes smoothly.  You will have the opportunity to safely become accustomed to asphalt, dry gravel, cobblestone, and dirt farm roads.

mindo_1Inti-ñan means “path of the Sun” in the Quechua language and the Inti-ñan Museum is situated directly on the Equator. The indigenous peoples have revered this site for thousands of years and our group will learn how ancient people came to understand that this was the center of the world centuries before the advent of modern geography or GPS devices. During your first stop directly on the “red line” you will experiment with gravity, including witnessing how water drains either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on which side of the Equator you are standing. You will also have the opportunity to see how the indigenous populations of Ecuador live by visiting models of their homes. This will enable you to better understand the cultures and ways of life that you will experience as you pass through various regions.colibri_en_la_ecoruta_del_quinde

Departing the Inti-ñan Museum you are now officially outside of the Quito metropolitan region, and have begun riding in the Northern Hemisphere. Your second stop is to view the beautiful Pululahua Crater Geo-Botanical Reserve, a crater formed by a volcanic eruption 2,500 years ago. From there, head onto the western slopes of the Andes that are full of dense, green forests and steep mountains. These sharp curves are certain to be exhilarating fun.

We'll turn onto a dirt road that will take us to the small town of Nono and then into the Nono Biological Reserve - a wildlife refuge that is famous for being one of the world's most biodiverse regions.   It contains the smaill Andean Spectacled Bear and thousands of species of colorful birds and frogs. 

We'll stop at the Bellavista Bird Lodge and turn the engines off and sit silently for a couple of minutes and see hundreds of coorful birds surround us and put on a show.   For there we'll drip down into the microclimate of the town of Mindo - a funky cloudforest town with lots of adventure sports and activities available. We'll visit an organic chocolate maker to see how raw cacao is grown and transformed into premium, gourmet chocolate.   Then we'll ride deeper into the cloudforest and check into a private cabin alongside the Mindo river at the Mindo Garden Lodge.  





Day 2
Mindo - Tulipe - Pacto - Mashpi Reserve - Cielo Verde

Distance Covered:  96 km / 60 miles

After a hearty breakfast including fresh exotic fruit juices, we'll ride into the Sacred Valley of Tulipe - home of the ancientYumbo people.  This is a unique culture that left many artifacts, pyramids and a unique road system of tunnels.   We'll visit the ceremonial pools here  in The Tulipe archeological site.  No one understands the actual use of these large spaces. The stone pools have a symbolic structure (one is in the shape of a jaguar) which, when filled with water, apparently served as celestial observatories of the night sky.   This meant the Yumbo were not only able to interpret the stars but, as they entered the pools, they were metaphorically able to bathe among the stars reflected on the water's surface.  Here they predicted the future and revealed cosmic secrets to the initiated.tulipe_pool

Then we will have a stop to meet the folks at the Finca Figaro and have a look at their famous orchid garden and aromatic coffee plantation.  We'll learn a little about how coffee is grown and harvested.

waterfall_swimDescending deeper into the mysterious, mist-shrouded forest with giant anthuriums, mosses and towering trees we'll arrive in the village of Pacto where we will have a short hike to an amazing waterfall where we can have a refreshing swim.  Afterwards, we'll replensih on some of the locally grown exotic fuits We'll hop on the bike and continue down in elevation into the magical cloudforest.

We'll pass a few muddy spots that will demand all of your attention, so we will stop a few times so that you can fully appreciate and take in this beautiful part of the world.  Its an area that National Geographic has made famous thanks to their "expeditions"  in this area.   We'll get a more immersive experience in this majical forest.

We'll ride through the Mashpi Cloudforest reserve, one of Ecuador's most beautiful forests.  With wild orchids, colorful birds and pristine waterfalls. Its a ride you will never forget.  We'll do a river crossing over a waterfall - a once in a lifetime experience. fruit_farm

Then we will stop for a fascinating visit to the exotic fruit farm and research center run by our friends Jim and Mimi.  Here they grow over 600 species of exotic fruits, berbs and spices from all over the world.  Jim and his wife live in a rustic, two-story wooden house and we stayed in a small, equally rustic guest house made from a bamboo-like grass. The open structure, which is nestled into the dense forest, serves as a home and a business for Jim’s seed sales. In every corner of the building there are bundles of colorful fruits or bags of seeds ready for mailing. The couple has been living in this very remote location in the middle of the rainforest for Mashpi_forestover 30 years. Back when they started they had to walk six hours through very dense vegetation to reach a dirt road with a bus service and there was no electricity. For food they mainly had to grow it themselves. We'll taste some very strange fruits and play a game of identifying spices and herbs from their unique scents and seeing first hand the extensive collection of rare trees and specimens in this fantastically fruity place.

We'll end the days ride at the CieloVerde Lodge, in the small village of Cielo Verde at about 1200 feet in elevation.  They have private access to a crystal clear river beach,swimming pool and jacuzzis.  We'll enjoy a fine dinner of the local cuisine.




Day 3
Cielo Verde - Golondrina - Quininde - Same

252 km / 157 miles

We'll have a last jump into the crystal waters of the Huanduriaco River, have a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast and head out from the beautiful village of Cielo Verde.

palm_grove_near_golondrinaWe'll pass immense fields of the cabbage palm tree.  These are what you probably know as "hearts of palm" that adorn salads around the world.  We'll stop to meet a cabbage palm farmer and open up the stalk of this tree to taste a fresh heart of palm.  The light, flaky taste nd texture is delicious and nothing at all like the canned variety.

 We'll pass through acres and acres of majestic palm groves.  We'll meet some of the farmers here and visit a palm processing operation - that turns these giant palm nuts into the vegetable oil you use everyday in your soap, french fries and thousands of other products.  We'll visit a palm oil processing station to see how these palm nuts are made into vegetable oil.

Then we'll continue through these beautiful farmlands on dirt roads and cross the Guayllabamba River using a small ferry. 

At the town of Quininde, known for its exotic fruit markets, we'll join a rolling, paved toad that will take us to the coast and give us fun, wide sweeping turns and spectacular views of the residents who live along the rivers here.  Its a different culture and people here and their attitude is always warm, friendly and festive.

We'll get to the coast and skirt around the city of Esmeraldas and head down the coastline, passing the beach towns of Tonsupa and Atacames.  We'llclaw over a few dramatic cliffs giving spectacular views of the ocean and arrive at the charming El Acantillado hotel, near the town of Same.  Here we will have access to a private beach, and we'll check into our private cabins high on a cliff overlooking the beach and ocean below.  The seafood dinner will leave you with tastes that you will crave long after this tour is over.





Day 4 
Same - Galera - Pedernales - Canoa - San Clemente

330 km / 205 miles

After a visit to the caves along the cliffs along the private beach, we'll have a fresh shrimp omelette breakfast (or something else) and head out on the road.   We'll ride into the Galera - Cabo San Francisco Marine Reserve Park - one of Ecuador's most beautiful natural untouched ssections of coastline.  We'll stop for a visit to the Playa Escondida Reserve, run by our friend Judith who has been actively protecting this part of the world for over forty years. 

La_Chorrera_PedernalesWe'll continue along the coastline and onto unpaved roads that have the feel of a giant garden along a rocky coastline.  This is one of the most remote and least visited part of the Ecuadorian Coast, and it is a stunning landscape.

You will see that the preferred form of transport here is horseback.  We usually stop for lunch in the somewhat chaotic little city of Pedernales.  Known as the capital city for shrimp harvesting and trade in Ecuador (the country's third most important export) here you can enjoy some of the great restaurants serving the freshest shrimp you will have ever tasted in your life!Ecuadorian-Shrimp-Ceviche-10

You will continue your ride down the unspoiled coastline of empty, sandy beaches and into the warm, friendly fishing village of Jama.  Then, you will head inland for a ride on some of the serene, undisturbed countryside of Manabi, passing cattle farms. 

palma_azul_poolWe'll ride through the fishing / surfing village of Canoa and continue along the coast and across the bridge at the Bahia de Caraquez.  Here, we will drop onto the beach and continue for about 18 miles riding in the sand, right on the beach along the cliffs.  This is not a brief ride - its about a 20 mile stretch of pristine and sometimes rocky coastline.  There are not many places left in the world where you can ride so far, right on the beach and so we hope this will be a memorable experience!

We'll end the day's ride at the luxurious and beautiful Palma Azul Hotel & Spa and enjoy the local seafood specialties of the province of Manabi.





Day 5
 Rest Day in San Clemente

0 miles / 0 km (optional riding available)

Break Day! Relaxation and sunshine! 

You can also take the bike out and explore the beautiful back country of Manabi Province.   Or take a boat expedition to explore the famous bird-watching mecca of El Corazon Island.  Corazon Island is a haven of mangroves, located between Bahia de Caraquez and San Vicente in the Chone River estuary in the province of Manabi. Inside there is a path through the mangroves where native guides interpret the life of the mangrove and its rich biodiversity. It is a community ecotourism project which seeks to educate and preserve mangrove resources through education of its inhabitants and visitors.

Or, you can just pull up a chair at some of the great hang-outs, beachside bars and restaurants and enjoy a restful day away from the bike.



Day 6
San Clemente - San Isidro - Flavio Alfaro - Bua - Plan Piloto - Valle Hermoso

269 km / 167 miles

We'll have some time to enjoy the beach this morning and the fresh salty air before we haed out.   To the north, we head through a dry forest and home to the legendary Ceibo tree. Known as the "tree of life," Ceibo trees (pronounced “SAY-bo”)
ceibo_trees are a striking feature of the coastal Ecuadorian landscape. Straight from a Tim Burton film or a page out of Dr. Seuss, these large trees feature bright green bulbous trunks, prominent buttresses and a disarray of heavy limbs extending in alldirections. The tree produces a silky flower called Kapoks. Historically, the super soft kapok fibers were collected and used to fill pillows, mattresses, stuffed dolls, etc. In addition, the waxy coating found on the fibers make the fluff resistant to water and highly buoyant; thus, kapok was used worldwide until the mid 1900s in life preservers, life vests and seat cushions. camino-a-rio-mariano2-1000

We'll head away from the coast, heading inland into a land of rolling hills with a wide variety of climates, landscapes and crops.  There are rice fields, cattle farms, protected dry forests, and fruit trees.  We'll take curvy paved backroads and a route of unpaved farm roads through this magnificent land.

We'll end the day at a phenomenal hotel, the Kashama Eco Resort & Spa,in the rainforest, at the base of the Andes.  The hotel is unique in that it is built into a waterfall.  It offers fantastic cuisine and an experience of the local culture of the friendly Tsachila people.  You will enjoy a good night's rest with the sounds of the waterfall lulling you to a deep slumber.






Day 7

Valle Hermoso -  Rio Blanco - Chiriboga - Quito

170 km / 106 miles

After a refreshing swim in the waterfall, we'll have breakfast and start riding up the foothills of the Andes.  We'll climb in elevation, passing lush green farms growing coffee and tropical fruits.  The first part of the ride is on a super twisty, curvy road that will exhilirate you.   10154295_10152222739890829_767394537639855513_n

From then we will head down into the valley of the Rio Blanco - a mighty river known by kayaking and rafting enthusiasts.  We'll have a stop at the Rio Sucio falls - a popluar local swimming hole with several "food court" restaurants.

From there, its unpaved roads through an area of the country that attracts bird watching enthusiasts from around the world.  We'll start heading upwards and the air will thin out as we climb to an altitude of over 12,000 feet.  We'll have fantastic vistas of the valley below.  We will be passing by several spectacular waterfalls as we ride through small villages such as Chiriboga and other settlements in the cloudforest on the western slopes of Ecuador.

Coming over the last pass, we'll re-enter Quito and get an amazing view of this sprawling city from high above.   We'll re-enter the city and pass through the picturesque colonial center - the first place in the world to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1970's, thanks to its well-preserved ancient colonial buildings and magnificent churches.








Scheduled Departures:

  • 24 June 2018
  • 11 November 2018
  • 12 January 2019
  • Please see our Tour Calendar for tour dates.   Custom departures can be arranged.  Please contact us for more information.


  • On a Yamaha XT250: $3,800
  • On a Suzuki DR650:  $4,100
  • On a SWM RS 650R: $4,100
  • On a BMW G 650 GS: $4,300
  • On a Yamaha Ténéré XT660:  $4,380
  • On a KTM 690 Enduro R: $4,440
  • On a Husqvarna 701 Enduro: $4,440
  • On a BMW F700 GS: $4,380
  • On a Triumph Tiger 800XC: $4,490
  • On a BMW F800GS: $4,490
  • On a Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L: $4,550
  • On a Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 with DCT: $4,670
  • Passenger Pillion Charge: $2195

Prices Include:

  • Unlimited Mileage Motorcycle Rental (as described on our Rentals page)
  • Saddlebags
  • Tank Bag
  • Experienced, multilingual local resident "insider" tour guide
  • Single occupancy in accommodations listed above.
  • ALL Meals and drinks (except lunch and dinner on rest day)
  • Gasoline
  • All entry fees to parks and attractions and tours
  • Souvenir T-Shirt
  • Souvenir decal
  • Guaranteed departure policy (no minimum partipants - we do not cancel tours on you!)
  • Support Truck for 5+ riders
  • Pre-tour 25% discount on high quality riding gear from  
  • You do NOT have to pull your wallet out on any of our tours!
  • Prices do not include:

  • 100% refundable security deposit to cover any damage to the rental motorcycle
  • Ecuador IVA tax (12%) (ONLY IF YOU ARE ECUADORIAN)
  • Alcholic drinks.
  • Hotel accomodations before and after the tour
  • Tips and gratuities 

How to Book Your Adventure:

Have a look at our tour calendar to see what dates work for you.  Then, just contact us and let us know which tour and which bike you are interested in.  Or - even easier - just click the button below, select your dates and bike and we'll respond as quick as we can.

We'll get back to you usually within a day (sometimes we are out guiding tours and may take 2 days to respond at most).  If you don't see a date that fits your schedule, just ask and we'll see what we can do.