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Guided Motorcycle Tours

We are very excited about our all-new calendar of guided motorbike tours of Ecuador.  Keep checking back here as we are always continuing to develop new tours.


We employ only reliable, trustworthy, local resident guides for our operations who have experience, and extensive local knowledge that you won't find in any other motorcycle tour of Ecuador.  Our standards are high and we only employ the best!

Our tours are very special.  We live in Ecuador all year long and ride the country several times a year.  No one can give a better motorcycle tour of Ecuador than us.  Other international moto-tour companies visit here maybe once a year.  Their knowledge is limited to wikipedia entries and guide books.   We are locals - we know the back roads, the alternate back roads and have contacts in every corner of the country.  We'll show you places that only the locals know about.  

We believe that the best way to discover a country is through its people. This means we encourage as much contact with the local population as possible. Thoughout our tours, we will introduce you to this beautiful country’s inhabitants and allow you to uncover its many charms.  You'll meet people from many different walks of life from artisinal brickmakers, to moonshine distillers, to fishermen, to subsistence farmers high in the Andes.  It's the people that you meet on a trip that set it apart.

Our goal is to take all the strain out of planning your trip by supplying you with a great motorcycle, an experienced tour guide and your accommodations for each night, plus meals and fuel. All you need to do is turn up and ride, safe in the knowledge that you will be travelling on the best motorbike roads in Ecuador, staying in great, biker friendly accommodation and seeing some of the top sights and attractions that Ecuador has to offer!

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